The Light Foundation – Ghana

As a global charity, The Light Foundation has spent over 10 years providing humanitarian aid to the most poorest areas in Ghana. Our main sector of expertise is in advocacy where we run programmes in public awareness in Ghana.

We also cover Education, Skills Training, Infrastructure and Sponsorship. 

How We Help

We help donors take the steep road – to carry out their charity duties easily, correctly, and with maximum humanitarian impact by delivering their aid personally, swiftly and with dignity to the direly needful of our world – the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the thirsty, the stricken, the bereaved, and the dislocated.





Skills Dev.

Get involved, here are some great ways to make a difference


Volunteer with The Light Foundation to transform the lives of the less fortunate.


Organise a fundraiser dinner, event or a challenge - we will support you all the way.


We want you to join and help The Light Foundation have maximum impact on humanity.

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